For Publisher
1. How much can I withdraw?
You can only withdraw the money in your balance. The maximum value you can withdraw is the amount that you have earned from providing conversions to our campaigns.

2. What payment method do you use?
We use both PayPal and bank transfer for publishers to withdraw their earnings.

3. What is the minimum payout amount?
The minimum payout amount is $50 for PayPal and $500 for bank transfer.

4. How often is payment released?
If you choose weekly payment, then it is released every Friday. If you choose monthly payment, then it is released at the beginning of each month.

RockyMobi Referral Program:
5. What is the RockyMobi Referral Program?
The referral program lets you make money by referring new publishers to RockyMobi. When the publishers you refer earn revenue, you will get an uncapped bonus equal to 5% of their earnings.

6. How long will I earn the bonus?
You will receive the bonus from your referred publisher for one year after you refer them.

7. How and when will I get paid for my referrals?
You can check your balance on the referral dashboard. If you have at least $50, you can make a withdrawal using PayPal or you can wait it to hit $500 and then withdraw it through direct bank transfer. The money will be paid to your account monthly if it hit the minimum amount.

For Advertiser
1. Why should I become An Advertiser for RockyMobi?
l 24/7 quality service
l Professional operation team with long-term accumulation and experience
l Customized orientation, providing the most suitable promotion strategy for your product
l Huge range of channels, and in-house traffic targeting all regions

2. How Do I Become An Advertiser with RockyMobi?
Simply contact us Via email at and provide a description of your company, offers, payouts and anything else you feel is necessary.
We require few inquiries on a regular basis, so the more descriptive and in-depth you are in your email, the more information we’ll have about your company and the quicker we’ll be able to make a proper decision regarding whether or not we’ll be able to work with you.

3. Where will my advertisements be placed?
The publishers will place your advertisements at their traffic sources. These can be theme-based sites, forums, groups in social networks, mobile apps, mass mailings in accordance with the opt-in user bases, and contextual advertisements in search engines such as Yandex, Google, and so on. All the sources have only quality traffic. We closely vet and monitor every publisher. You can choose the traffic types you need, and we will connect only appropriate publishers to promote your product.

4. What targeting types do you offer?
You can pay for the actions of the customers you need. We offer demographic (gender, age) and geographic (countries, cities) targeting. You can express your wishes in relation to the target audience and key words that should or should not be used, and we will inform the publishers of your preferences. This will allow you to receive only quality traffic from appropriate users.

5. How do you control the traffic quality?
We constantly observe the publishers’ traffic to be sure you receive only the best quality. Our ad network carefully reviews every publisher’s application. Each new publisher is thoroughly vetted. You can be sure that you should not pay for fraud actions and churning. Our system allows tracking of illegal actions of the publishers and in such a way prevents poor traffic.


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